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Spiking Iron Levels Quickly with Beef Organ Capsules

Two weeks ago, I mentioned how eating less meat had reduced my iron levels to 36.0, which is the lowest I’ve ever had. In order to donate blood in Washington, a man needs a hematocrit level of 39.0. In the … [continue reading]

Beef Heart Stew

UPDATE Feb 2013: This recipe has been updated. See Beef Heart Stew Rebooted (Slow Cooker Recipe)

I recently bought my first beef heart at the farmers market.



Then I watched the video below, which detailed how to trim the meat.… [continue reading]

Chicken Hearts with Brussels Sprouts

Version 1 = Chicken Hearts + Bacon + Apples + Onions.

Version 2 = swap out the apples for Brussels sprouts.

The dish was outstanding. For whatever reason, the chicken hearts tasted much better. It had none of the … [continue reading]

Chicken Hearts + Bacon + Apples + Onions

I got this recipe idea from my friend Sue in Portland. Turns out chicken hearts are loaded with that miracle nutrient Co-enzyme Q10 (aka Co Q 10). According to the Wikipedia, it is really good for heart health (yours, not … [continue reading]

Making Meatloaf Using Pet Food

I buy the majority of my meat from Thundering Hooves. This is a pasture farm in the Walla Walla Valley of Washington that sells beef, lamb, pork and chicken. One of the items they sell is for pets. It is … [continue reading]