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Portland Espresso Vacation

This post was written after a 2010 trip to Portland.

Once Mark Prince over at CoffeeGeek published his guide to the best micro-roasters and cafes in Portland, all I had to do was book a hotel and drive south. There … [continue reading]

Back From Portland, Oregon

My only other visit to Portland, Oregon was when I drove from San Diego to Seattle in 2007. Since then the coffee scene has exploded down there. I will post a full report on INeedCoffee later. For now, I’ll post … [continue reading]

Tall Skinny Bitter – Notes From the Center of Coffee Culture

I moved to Seattle in August 2007 and from the moment I hit the ground, I started my espresso quest. Since then I’ve been to many great coffee shops and met many great people. Although I loved my random journey, … [continue reading]