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Seattle Sunshine Traffic

When I lived in San Diego there was one traffic condition I dreaded. It was the first rain during rush hour after a long dry period. The rain would kick up dust and oil on the roads and they would … [continue reading]

I Miss Hiking in San Diego

Yesterday the weather was perfect, so I decided to go on a regular hike. Not an urban hike, but return to an actual trail. Seattle has great hiking, just ask anyone that lives here. They can’t stop telling you … [continue reading]

Defending the Seattle Position

Seems there are two camps of people out there. Camp one are fans of Seattle and believe that this blog has been too harsh on the area. One person wrote me and stated with the exception of coffee, I wasn’t … [continue reading]

Rainman Survives the San Diego Fires!

Rainman was lost close to the Harris Fire during the fire evacuations on Monday. We just got the good news that when our friend returned to her house, Rainman was there waiting for her.

rainman-pose[continue reading]

San Diego Fires 2007

History is repeating itself. Fires have broken out in North, East, and South county. Below is a map of the fires put on the news this morning.

Just like 2003, our old neighborhood in East Escondido is being threatened by … [continue reading]

Hiking in Seattle vs San Diego

As much as the people of Seattle rave about the hiking here, it doesn’t even come close to the diversity of trails in the San Diego region. Outside Seattle all the hikes look pretty much the same. Every trail seems … [continue reading]