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21 Reasons I Love Cold Brew Coffee

This morning I put together a post for my coffee site on reasons I love cold brew coffee. Just before I published it, I was reminded that I had already written pretty much that same post a few years earlier. … [continue reading]

Stop Typography Inflammation With Stylish

UPDATE March 2021: UserStyles was a great idea, but their server has either been super slow or down so many times since this post was written that I can no longer recommend this solution.

This is a topic that I … [continue reading]

How to Remove a Podcast From Your iPod

For a long time,¬†I have been unable to figure out how to remove a podcast from my iPod. I can delete episodes, but not remove the actual podcast. You’d think this would be something you could manage easily from … [continue reading]

Making Spaghetti Squash – The 1 Page, Zero Ad Tutorial

I just made spaghetti squash for the first time. It was super easy and delicious. There are numerous tutorials online that take this simple dish and convert it to multi-page tutorials littered with advertising. Not necessary. Here is my 1 … [continue reading]