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Fat Loss Cheatsheet: What Works and What Doesn’t (for me)

Now that I have enough experience with gaining and losing a few pounds over the years, I wanted to assemble all the ideas that have worked and those that haven’t. This list is my experience, which may or may not … [continue reading]

Using the Power of Story for Fat Loss

In previous posts, I mentioned how this year I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of stories when it comes to fat loss and diets in general. Stories provide easy to understand compelling frameworks to follow. Stories can provide … [continue reading]

Just Count Protein For Fat Loss

I’ve been thinking a lot about low effort sustainable dieting and I’ve come up with an idea that I was certain someone else had figured out before, but I haven’t seen it articulated anywhere. That either means my searching skills … [continue reading]

Revisiting and Improving The Zone Diet

Two weeks ago I asked CarbSane in the comments of her post about Robb Wolf’s book what mainstream nutrition book gets it most right.

I have yet to come across a mass media diet book that gets it right. There’s

[continue reading]

My Experience With The Zone Diet

The worst diet isn’t the one that doesn’t work. The worst diet is the one that works extremely well in the short term but fails in the long term. The diet that never works gets discarded and the dieter can … [continue reading]