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I am a fan of doing experiments on nutrition and fitness. And although I understand most people do not share my enthusiasm, if I were to pick a single 30 day experiment for mankind it would be to go gluten free. Go 30 days without bread, pasta, beer and cereals. Then after the 30 days, eat a meal with gluten and then monitor your health for a few days. This will let you know how sensitive you are to gluten.

Grains are not healthy, so going 30 days without grains will not be bad for your health. How are grains unhealthy? I could repeat the reasons, instead I invite you to read Why Grains Are Unhealthy over on Mark’s Daily Apple. That is a comprehensive post on the topic.

When I gave up gluten, I did as part of an overall lower carbohydrate approach to eating. I wasn’t going directly after the gluten at first. By September of 2009 I was 100% gluten free. Since then I have done two tests to see if I really have a problem with gluten. I do. Some people get intestinal issues and skin problems are also common. For me it was massive headaches and some skin flare ups.


Cake time? Not anymore. 

There is no nutritional reason to eat gluten containing products. If you absolutely must have grains, look into the time consuming practice of soaking and sprouting grains practiced by traditional cultures. Personally, I do not miss bread at all. I’m leaner, have less headaches and my skin is better.

If you are overweight, have skin problems, IBS or headaches, I encourage you to go 30 Days Without Gluten. Even if you don’t have an issue, at least you’ll know. You may even lose a few pounds.


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  1. Your diet seems…well…bananas! Would you kindly post what you actually eat. I don’t eat meat (PETA) however I do eat dairy (which I think is also bad) but your diet based on your posts seems so spartan.

    Have you ever fasted over a long period of time (3+ days)?

  2. @thomas – Earlier this year I posted the foods I eat. I’ve since added a seasonal twist, but that is where I am at today. I expect it to change over time.

    If you follow a vegetarian diet, I encourage you to investigate soaking and sprouting techniques for grains and beans (follow links in post). Plants have natural defenses too! Soaking and sprouting increases the nutrient absorption of plant matter.

  3. @thomas – My longest fasting period has been 24 hours. I see no health benefit in going longer.

  4. I quit eating bread, pasta and cereal a while back, but I wonder how much gluten is in a beer compared to say, a couple slices of bread, bowl of cereal etc…. If you know.

  5. @Ed – I think the gluten content of beer is pretty low. It is lowest in lagers and highest in wheat beers. Gluten levels decrease when the beer moves from raw malt to the final product by a magnitude of three orders.*

    * Immunochemical determination of gluten in malts and beers (2006)

  6. That’s good news! 🙂

  7. I’m going to try 30 days Gluten free, MAS, to help with some occasional tummy issues. BTW, I’m still doing the IF once a week… cold/sinus problem free for 15 months and counting 🙂

  8. @TigerAL – Excellent. Glad to hear you are taking the 30 Day challenge. Of all the 30 day tests I have done, removing gluten was the most beneficial.

  9. wow this is awesome! i 100% agree, am on the verge of being tested for celiac and decided to go gluten free -except for beer, I am not CRAZY 😉
    I figured even if I come back negative, what on earth could be the health consequence to cutting it out ? NONE!

  10. I am up to 30 days without gluten and love it so will be continuing with a gluten-free (unless absolutely unavoidable) lifestyle.. thanks for the tip, MAS!

  11. @TigerAl – Congrats. What health benefits have you experienced? For me it was fewer headaches, better skin, fat loss and healthier digestion.

  12. Today finishes my 4 week GF trial (technically 5 weeks, though I had some contamination near the beginning). I’m re-introducing tonight, though I have no interest in it- but I don’t want my first reintroduction to be during the week when I have to work. Not sure if I’m hoping for no reaction (as in- yay! I can have pasta if I crave it!) or hoping for a full on and obvious reaction (as in- No, dear, I literally CAN’T go to McD’s with you). I think the worst thing that can happen to me is a mild, slightly annoying reaction. Not enough to get me out of hubs’ favorite take outs, but enough to know that I don’t tolerate it well. :-/ We’ll see!

  13. Hey 🙂

    I was wondering…what do you eat in stead of bread? i live in a country where bread is like a religion, and i used to make my own bread. But i now desided to try and go glutenfree. But like for lunch..what do you eat?

    Do you make a large dinner and then bring left-overs to work as your lunch? Fruit for breakfast?

    I am also a student so i dont have too much money.

    Hope you can help me in my confusion ;D

  14. @Malene – I do a lot of soups, curries and salads. Occasionally, I’ll have white rice. I often skip breakfast.

  15. Thank you 🙂
    I will try to do that then. But it sounds a bit unhealthy to go without breakfast.

  16. OMG! I just lost 6,4 kg. in 6 days! Just by leaving out gluten and all the bad kaloriers. I have eaten my weight in fruit and meat, and haven’t been counting calorier, but wow! it works!!!

    Thank you so much for this blog!!!

  17. @Malena – Big congrats on the fat loss. 🙂

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