The Goblet Squat

Let me tell you about my new favorite exercise. It is called the Goblet Squat and I think you are going to like this one. Grab a dumbbell, kettlebell or even a gallon jug of water. Hold it up to your chin like a goblet using both hands. Now proceed with doing squats. Watch the 14 second demonstration video below.

Goblet Squat by YouTube user EirikSandvik

If you need more instruction, there are other videos on YouTube that are longer. What you will discover is that this move not only targets the legs, but also the abs. If your abs are not engaged in this move, raise the weight to eye level or increase the weight.

This exercise is a full body compound movement and can easily be done at home. Need something heavy? You could buy a set of dumbbells or kettlebells or you could go to Home Depot and buy one of those orange buckets. Now fill it with stuff until the weight is challenging. As with any new exercise, restrict yourself to 2 sets of 5 perfect reps at a lower weight. Wait a few days before trying again. This minimizes your risk of injury.

I’ve being doing the Goblet Squat for over a month now. It feels better on my back than a traditional or front barbell squat and I can use a lower weight to get the same intensity level.


Photo by US Army Central


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  1. I’ll be trying these out today. Always looking for new exercises.

    Check out Bulgarian Split Squats. Challenging with little to no weight.

  2. @Stuart – Will do. I’ll add that exercise to my home gym rotation. Thanks!

  3. Pistol squats!

  4. Squats are tough. I have a challenge in activating the right muscles. I’ve studied videos and even read a whole chapter on squats in the “Starting Strength” book.

    Next gym trip I’m going to squat down to a bench set far enough behind me I’m forced to activate the hamstrings instead of the quads.

    I think my form is good but my muscles are telling me otherwise.

  5. @Stuart – Widen your stance. You may even try doing a sumo squat.

  6. Michael –

    I recently just discovered the goblet squat myself. It’s currently the only squatting exercise that I do. I can go light on it, go much deeper, and get a better overall lower body workout with it.

    My heavy lower-body exercise is the Sumo Deadlift. Like you, I’m a tall-ish ectomorph. The sumo shortens the ROM, allows me to keep my torso more upright and enables me to do touch-and-go reps no problem. With the conventional style, I always worried about the descent more than I did the ascent.

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