Preaching Paleo

A big topic in the paleo community is the desire to spread the word and get others to adopt a more evolutionary diet. In a Robb Wolf podcast (E55 of the Paleo Solution), a listener asked about creating an elevator pitch for the diet. I understand that people are passionate about this diet, think it has changed their lives, and therefore want to spread the good word, but almost nobody wants to be preached about their food choices.

When you tell someone what they eat is wrong, they get defensive. Diet can be our identity. So how do you preach paleo? You don’t. Just live your life and maybe your success will inspire others to be open to change. Or maybe it won’t.

Or as my mentor, Art De Vany once said:

I never try to convince others of anything. I make my case and they decide what they’ll do with the information.

Debating nutrition is something I have no desire to do. People much smarter than me disagree. All I can do is synthesize the information I read, try it, listen to my own body, and incorporate what works.

This blog chronicles my experiments in nutrition and fitness. If it helps or inspires you that is wonderful. If it doesn’t, that is OK too. What works for me may not work for you. And what doesn’t work for me, may work for you. We are all unique and at different points in our fitness journey.


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  1. I stopped trying to argue as well. I just point people my blog and say check out this experiment.

    You wouldn’t believe how many people read my blog and tell me that I’m going to have a heart attack as a result of my diet.

    All I say is we’ll see at the end of March, when I get my next set of blood tests. For the moment, I’ll have to settle for the significant weight loss I’m experiencing while I’m eating 3500 – 5000 calories a day.

  2. Nice post!

    How do people in the paleo community feel when people preach the USDA food pyramid to them? Or how about when vegetarians preach to them?

    Additionally, there are many points of contention within the paleo community, but many paleo zealots aren’t even aware of this. I’m always weary of people who seem overly confident that what they know what is “right” for everyone else. It sounds a bit too authoritarian. Also, the human body is way too complex for a one-size fits all prescription.

    BTW, I really like Art’s quote.

  3. @Greg – I love it when people try and preach bad nutrition or exercise philosophies to me. They usually surrender quickly and walk away with their core beliefs shaken. Many will embrace at least one idea of mine. Victory!

  4. Paleo Boot Camp

    Feb 5, 2013 — 6:32 am

    I am not ashamed that I am a Paleo preacher! Just this week I convinced 4 people that they are gluten intorlant and all 4 have started a gluten free/ Paleo way of eating. My wife was so sick for 15 years with IBS,headaches, sinus infections, rashes, gallbladder issues and finally being told she had MS. Through my own research on the net, in 2004 I discoverd the true cause being wheat gluten and other non- Paleo foods. I have helped many people see the truth about what humans are meant to eat. I will not stop being a Paleo preacher 🙂

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