I completed my 30-day elimination test with nuts. At the end of the 30 days, I reintroduced almonds, pistachios, cashews, and pecans. The result is I have zero issues with nuts. This is what I expected. However, I did learn something interesting.

Almonds by Shelby Root

Nuts vs Dairy vs Double Nuts vs Double Dairy

I consider nuts and fermented dairy to be my high satiety food staples. Nothing curbs my appetite and allows me to sleep better than a handful of nuts or cheese. When I did a 30 Day No Dairy test earlier this year, I came to the same conclusion that I don’t have any issues with dairy. But I learned that is not 100% accurate.

When I went off dairy for 30 days, I consumed double the amount of nuts and nut butter. When I went off nuts, I doubled my intake of cheese and yogurt. That is when I noticed some skin inflammation and very minor digestion issues. So the nut test helped me learn that I have an upper limit on the amount of dairy I can consume without consequence.

Going Forward

When I engaged in these tests this year, I got some pushback from people who¬†thought I was wasting my time testing foods that were almost certainly not issues with me. Turns out the tests were informative and I learned that my body works better on nuts than dairy. Going forward I won’t eliminate dairy, but I will favor nuts when snack time comes.