Cucumber Kimchi and the Sardine Solution

Recently I made my first ever cucumber kimchi. I’m still dialing in the recipe, so I have nothing to post at this time. This is a shorter fermentation than regular kimchi, because there is no cabbage. I pulled mine after two days. It is sliced┬ácucumbers, chopped garlic, Korean red pepper flakes, sea salt all topped with water. Optional ingredients include chopped ginger, fish sauce and sugar.


Making cucumber kimchi

Mine had a nice sweet taste and I knew it would make an excellent salad dressing. Much better for you than the vegetable oil based salad dressings you find at the store. Anyway, I found an alternate use. I mix the cucumber kimchi with canned sardines. Note that you only want to buy the sardines packed in water. 99% of the other ones are packed in soybean oil.


Sardines and cucumber kimchi

This is a highly nutrient dense meal that can be made in 30 seconds, assuming you already made the cucumber kimchi. Tastes good too!


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  1. Looks awesome. My kids love to eat herring out of the tin, brunswick brand, packed in water. I like it as well, but I would like to get more into it, since I have been wanting to eat smaller fish that are lower in the food chain: oily with omega-3, good for the environment, cheap as all hell, and tasty.

    I love kimchi. Reading your other kimchi pages, and this looks like the perfect way to eat more herring. Now I just got to get the kimchi cooking away.

    BTW, I make an awesome kefir with 35% cream, it’s luscious. I always have a minimum four containers cooking away for days. YUM.

  2. @XROLOL – I miss kefir. I think I will start the hobby up again soon.

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