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Ghee and the Canolification of India

My Indian cooking project is still going strong. Yesterday I decided to make my own ghee. It was even easier to make than paneer. I can’t believe I used to buy $7 jars of this stuff. Never again. Here … [continue reading]

Making Paneer

When I first read the recipes for paneer, my initial thought was “it can’t be that easy”. So I checked a few other recipes and confirmed that it was really a ridiculously easy thing to make. QFC had a … [continue reading]

Indian Style Spicy Cauliflower

I was poking around on Kayotic Kitchen and I found a recipe for Slow-Cooked Bombay Potatoes. It was a great idea, but I didn’t have any potatoes. What I did have was a lot of cauliflower. Instead of making a … [continue reading]

Pork Vindaloo in the Slow Cooker

My quest to tackle Indian food continues. Since my 5 Spices, 50 Dishes review, I’ve made two vindaloo dishes in my slow cooker. I read several recipes online and used the spice guidelines in the 5 Spices book to come … [continue reading]

5 Spices, 50 Dishes

Now that I’ve conquered the Gyro Meatloaf, my number cooking priority is getting much better with Indian cooking. To date it has been the most challenging cuisine to cook. I love the Indian food that I get in restaurants. … [continue reading]