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The Game Changers and Vegan Role Models

Before I start this post, I will disclose that I am not a vegan, but unlike the low-carb zealots, I think we can learn something from the plant-based crowd. This is why even before the film The Game Changers came … [continue reading]

Internet Cooking and David Lynch Movies

Even though I am always checking out cookbooks from the library, the majority of ideas I get for cooking come from doing web searches. I get an idea, do a search and find a recipe. But I rarely just look … [continue reading]

This Isn’t IMAX!

Seattle’s Lusty Lady announced it will close soon. Your puns will be missed.

lusty-lady-clash[continue reading]

Killer at Large – Obesity Documentary Without Focus

Last night I watched the documentary Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America’s Greatest Threat. Although I will give this film a slight thumbs-up, it has problems. Killer at Large tries to tackle every angle of the obesity … [continue reading]

La Dolce Vita

One of my favorite movies growing up wasn’t well received. It was Bright Lights Big City. In the movie, Michael J Fox’s character descends into the New York City night life and it almost destroys his life, his relationships … [continue reading]

Bailing on Bad Movies

Every since I started watching movies as a kid, I would stick with the movie no matter how bad it got. There was something about not quitting. I needed to stick through the movie just to give me permission to … [continue reading]