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False Health Narratives

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the stories we tell ourselves to explain our health and fitness status. And how those stories in hindsight can be completely wrong.

A classic example for me is from my 2008 post I [continue reading]

Understanding My Bias Against Cardio

One of my favorite podcasts is Masters In Business from Bloomberg by Barry Ritholtz. The show is a collection of interviews with some of the brightest and most successful people in finance. (side note: Ritholtz actually left a comment on [continue reading]

Answering 3 Fitness Questions About HIT and Running

I received an email with three fitness questions. Instead of responding privately, I decided to answer them in a blog post. I will need help with the third question. The email came from someone who read and successfully tried some … [continue reading]

What I Learned About Running and Injuries

One of the purposes of this blog is to throw ideas against the wall and see if they stick. Sometimes I’ll openly ask for feedback and sometimes one of you will leave a comment that changes my opinion. When I … [continue reading]

Can Running Be Antifragile?

Last month I got into a debate on the SaveYourself.ca Facebook page about the article that declared that running was good for you. I put my thoughts into the post Sorry, but Science Has NOT Proven That Running in [continue reading]

Sorry, but Science Has NOT Proven That Running is Good For You

Several running apologists have linked to the long-winded Guest Post: Sorry, but Science Says Running is Good for You, Not Bad. With their science hats on, they dug through all the studies and came to the conclusion that all [continue reading]