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Using Tea Bags To Make Your Pickles More Crunchy

I’ve made pickles a few times this summer. They tasted great, but they weren’t crunchy. Then I read on a forum how one can use a tea bag in the ferment to preserve the crunchy. I tested it out this … [continue reading]

My Chamomile Tea and Sleep Quality Experiment

One of the most often things repeated about Chamomile Tea is that it improves sleep quality. For many people, this┬ámeans being able to fall asleep faster. I wanted to test this assumption. For my experiment, I used a total … [continue reading]

The Reality About Tea and Fat Loss

In the past four years, I’ve probably been to close to 100 tea tasting events. One topic that pops up on a regular basis is the claim that tea will promote fat loss and prevent cancer. I used to eat … [continue reading]

Fighting Sickness Ninja Style

During Thanksgiving, ThanksMAS and the Seattle Snowpocalypse, I was exposed to sick people. On each of the three occasions, I started to develop slight symptoms the next day. Instead of surrendering to the sickness or running off to the … [continue reading]