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Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice

This summer I stumbled upon a lecture that fascinated me. It was John Gray discussing hormonal expression in both healthy and unhealthy relationships. I put up the video with my notes in the post Hacking Hormones in a Relationship. … [continue reading]

My Cold Weather Challenge To You

Last winter I did a cold weather exposure project that I named No Jacket Required. It involved going without a coat the vast majority of the winter. From the post Still No Jacket Required:

Other than the Seattle

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Another Reason I No Longer Get Sick

Back in October, I shared my 8 Tips For Avoiding Sickness. Then in January, I narrowed it down to what I felt were the three most important in the post Fighting Sickness Ninja Style. After years of getting colds, … [continue reading]

Can Cold Weather Exposure Increase Muscle Growth?

In earlier posts, I covered how cold weather exposure may trigger a fat loss response by activating brown adipose tissue (BAT). It may also lead to muscle gains. There isn’t a lot of information on this, but the theory is … [continue reading]