The Calm Before the Storm

I arrived at my Glitter Gym a little before 8 AM this morning. It was quiet. There was a lady reading a magazine on a stair-stepper. In the pin weight machine area there was some old-timer blasting his triceps. The free weight room – aka My House – was empty.

This is the post-holiday, post-blizzard effect. Come January 1st, the masses will descend on Glitter Gyms across the country. New Years Resolutions will awaken the amateurs with a determination that “this is the year they finally get in shape“.

I wish them the best of luck. Really, I do. I have tremendous respect for people who start a weight training program. I also have tremendous sympathy that most will follow ridiculous work out plans that leave them sore and not much stronger.

Some quick advice for the newbies in the free weight room.

  1. Rack your weights. Even if nobody else does, always be considerate.
  2. The free weight room is for lifting free weights. It is not for stretching or hitting on members of the opposite sex.
  3. Your goal should be to be stronger, not sore. Soreness does not equate to strength.
  4. Leave your iPod at home while you are learning your way around the gym.
  5. Don’t wear running shoes.

The good thing about newbies in the gym is they provide excellent material for Tales From the Glitter Gym. 🙂

BTW, there was a Glitter Gym Holiday miracle today. The 105-pound dumbbells have been returned to the rack! Thank you Santa.


Photo by W_Minshull


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  1. How can you get stronger without being sore?

    What’s your opinion of the “Bowflex” ?



  2. Ed –
    Keep the reps low (4-5) and increase the weight. You will get much stronger than using a lower weight at the 8-12 rep range and not be nearly as sore.

    Never used Bowflex or seen one up close.

  3. Okay,

    But if a person wants to get tone but not necesarily bulky, the more reps would be the way to go and lead to more strength and fitness correct?



  4. No. Size is a result of the number of total reps. Let us use 25 total reps as an example.

    3 sets of 12 reps
    5 sets of 5 reps

    Both plans you will gain muscle. You will get stronger on the 5×5 with far less soreness.

    If size isn’t you goal, cut back on the SETS.

    2-3 sets of 5 reps.

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