250 Pound Weighted Dip

For the past month, I haven’t done a single weighted dip or pull-up. Instead, I’ve been focusing on volume. I’ve lowered the weight and greatly increased the number of sets. The reps ALWAYS stay in the same 3-6 range. I believe in low-rep training more than Al Gore believes in Global Warming.

Today I decided I’d do a few weighted dips. The volume training really made the weight seem lighter, so I decided to seek a new personal record.

  • I did a 35×5 pound dip effortlessly.
  • Then I did 45×5 pound dip like weight wasn’t even there.
  • So, I hooked up 60 pounds (35 + 25) pounds and did 3 reps.

Body weight 190 (gasp!) + 60 pounds of plates = 250 Pound weighted dips. I think I can go higher. On Monday, I will go for a new personal record. Maybe 70? Perhaps 80? Yeah Buddy!

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