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How to Achieve Long Term Success on the Potato Diet

I posted Mostly Weight Stable Regardless of Diet Part 2 this weekend. I wanted to show others that I was able to drop 40 pounds and keep it off for 4 years using both the Potato Hack and my own … [continue reading]

Eating for Volume to Lose Weight

I recently saw a neat graphic on Precision Nutrition.


From the article Here’s why you’re always hungry.

The article goes into why we reach satiety quicker when the volume of food in the stomach is greater. This is obvious, … [continue reading]

Low Food Reward: Tuna + Tomato Paste + Rice

I came up with a low food reward idea. Mix a can of tuna with a can of tomato paste and rice.

This is a true appetite crusher.


Looks more like cat food than people’s food.

This would be the … [continue reading]

Food Reward and Old School Bodybuilders

The outstanding book The Low-Carb Myth makes a case for the food reward hypothesis. That is defined on Whole Health Source as:

The food reward hypothesis of obesity states that the reward and palatability value of food influence body fatness,

[continue reading]

High Satiety Foods – The Results

Last October I posted High Satiety Paleo Friendly Foods? In that post I started a discussion about what foods delivered the most satiety at the fewest calories. The other requirements were easy to prepare and inexpensive. I received lots of … [continue reading]

Deep Nutrition, Perfect Health Diet and The End of Overeating

I’m way behind on my nutrition book summaries. In this post, I’ll cover three excellent books that approach nutrition from different viewpoints that compliment each other nicely.

Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food

Many of the readers of … [continue reading]