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Hyperlipid For Dummies

For several years now I have been aware of Hyperlipid. It is a technical nutritional blog that is highly regarded, especially in the low-carb community. I’ve always felt there was something worth learning, but it was beyond my comprehension … [continue reading]

Listening to the Smartest Vegans

Nutritional wars can be quite entertaining. This post is about my place in the latest battles.

As many of you know, I abandoned the low-carb view of Paleo back in 2012. In the post No More Low Carb Lies, … [continue reading]

Oh Noozs It’s Da EVIL Sugar Lobby!

The latest battle in the never-ending Carb Wars┬áinvolves a narrative that the sugar lobby was suppressing scientists from publishing┬áresearch that was unfavorable to sugar. As with any lobby group, there may be some truth, but what is implied … [continue reading]

No More Low Carb Lies

The original title of this post “Tell Me Low Carb Lies” was confusing, so I renamed┬áit.

I still recall exactly where I was when I discovered that Gary Taubes was wrong about his insulin theory of obesity. It was … [continue reading]

Carb Wars in the Blogosphere

I read a lot of nutritional blogs and it seems a growing topic is the disagreement on the role of carbohydrates in the diet. Some are adamant about low-carb and others are equally adamant against low-carb diets. It is the … [continue reading]

Good Calories, Bad Calories is the Best Book Ever Written on Nutrition

** 2016 UPDATE: I was SO WRONG about this book. See the critical review here. ***

Remember that Top 5 Diet Books post I wrote back in July? All those books can take a HUGE step backward. I now … [continue reading]