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Blog Posts and Word Count By Year

I wrote a SQL query to see how many blog posts I published by year – excluding the current year.

* Seven years ago, I removed around 750 blog posts that I thought sucked. Mostly from the 2005-2008 era.… [continue reading]

My First DEXA Scan

On March 1st, I had my first DEXA scan. It had been years since I had a body fat percent measurement taken. When I was getting my initial muscle gains in my mid-20s, I looked forward to seeing my progress. … [continue reading]

The Power of 10,000 Steps a Day in Charts

You have probably heard the phrase “10,000 steps a day” numerous times. How important is it to consistently hit 10,000 steps on a daily basis? I wanted to find out, so I really tore through the data captured by my … [continue reading]

Mostly Weight Stable Regardless of Diet

On a blog post back in March, I said:

The funny thing is when I go through 15 years of data, I see that I was weight stable within 10% and usually 5% despite following wildly different diets.

What I … [continue reading]

What Weight Lifting Should Have Taught Me About Quantified Self

My opinion of Quantified Self has gone from being an enthusiastic supporter to one of extreme skepticism. There is a lure to the narrative that if we collect enough data about ourselves we can be leaner, stronger, faster, and … [continue reading]

When I Would Measure My Workouts

In the post Why I Don’t Measure My Workouts, I explained why I no longer keep data for my workouts. Just because I have my reasons for not tracking workouts, that isn’t a blanket recommendation for everyone. Although I … [continue reading]