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Seed Oils, Blood Donations, and Body Temperature

Back in 2015, I shared the success I had with raising my body temperature. I was able to increase it over the course of about 2 years and I’ve maintained that increase ever since.

97.0 –> 97.5 –> 97.9 –>

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Cadmium and Potatoes: Time to Worry?

Recently, I got an alarming comment on an older post informing me that potatoes are high in cadmium. As someone that has been preaching the benefits of the Potato Hack for a while, I wanted to dig further into this … [continue reading]

Toxic Load and Low-Carb Dieting

This post is a continuation of the discussion of Detoxification Notes (Science Not Woo-Woo).

Correct me if I am wrong on this part, but I see a real problem with chronic low-carb diets if one is concerned with … [continue reading]

Dieting and Detoxification

In the previous post, Detoxification Notes (Science Not Woo-Woo), I shared what I learned about detoxing the body from the Energy Blueprint Podcast.  A brief summary would be:

  1. In order to detox, one must be dieting.
  2. When you diet,
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Detoxification Notes (Science Not Woo-Woo)

In the previous post, Fear of a Toxic Planet, I described my views on toxins and briefly on detoxification. I said:

Toxins are stored in our body fat. The best way to reduce toxin load is to not be

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Fear of a Toxic Planet

A common theme I see everywhere in the health space is how toxic our environment has become. Our food, our water, our soil, and pretty much everything is loaded with toxins that will make us sick, give us cancer, and … [continue reading]