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Cadmium and Potatoes: Time to Worry?

Recently, I got an alarming comment on an older post informing me that potatoes are high in cadmium. As someone that has been preaching the benefits of the Potato Hack for a while, I wanted to dig further into this … [continue reading]

Toxic Load and Low-Carb Dieting

This post is a continuation of the discussion of Detoxification Notes (Science Not Woo-Woo).

Correct me if I am wrong on this part, but I see a real problem with chronic low-carb diets if one is concerned with … [continue reading]

Dieting and Detoxification

In the previous post, Detoxification Notes (Science Not Woo-Woo), I shared what I learned about detoxing the body from the Energy Blueprint Podcast.  A brief summary would be:

  1. In order to detox, one must be dieting.
  2. When you diet,
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Detoxification Notes (Science Not Woo-Woo)

In the previous post, Fear of a Toxic Planet, I described my views on toxins and briefly on detoxification. I said:

Toxins are stored in our body fat. The best way to reduce toxin load is to not be

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Odd Caffeine Free Side Effect

Since going caffeine free just over a week ago, I have noticed an odd side effect. I’m super hungry. Even though I eat right before I go to bed**, I am getting massively hungry in the middle of the night. … [continue reading]

Coffee and Caffeine Detox Update

The month is almost half over, so I thought I’d provide a quick update on My Caffeine Detox Plan. My last coffee was on September 30th. Then for a week, I continued to drink some tea. On Sunday October … [continue reading]