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Using 23andMe to Pick the Best Diet and Exercise Plan For Fat Loss

It has been a while since I thought about my 23andMe account.

Back in April 2013, I shared my 23andMe health results and did a post on my ancestry. Yesterday I was tipped off to the post These 5 [continue reading]

Finding My Relatives on 23andMe

Back in April, I shared my genetic test results from 23andMe. That post focused on the health side of the test. At that time, I didn’t really pay much attention to the ancestry side of the application. My thinking … [continue reading]

23andMe: Key Health Recommendations

I haven’t logged into my 23andMe account for a month or so now, but I did this morning and I found they added something cool. The new feature is a report called Key Health Recommendations. Unlike typical health advice, … [continue reading]

23andMe Results

A few weeks ago I received my genetic test results from 23andMe. After deliberating on if it was a good thing to know, I decided to get the $100 test. What made me get the test was when I … [continue reading]

Getting the Genetic Test

In the post Genetic Knowledge Dilemma, I mentioned that I was concerned about what I would learn from a genetic test. Briefly, my logic was that I already was following a healthy lifestyle and that knowing of a health … [continue reading]

Genetic Knowledge Dilemma

I just recently received a comment alerting me that the genetic test done by 23andMe is now being sold for just $99. When the price was higher and collected fewer data points, it was easy to decide to hold off … [continue reading]