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Checking in on the Carb Haters

More than a decade ago, I saw the Paleo movement get hijacked by the low-carb zealots. Initially, I fell for some of the lies about carbs, but well before keto and later carnivore came around, I had already dismissed them. … [continue reading]

Hyperlipid For Dummies

For several years now I have been aware of Hyperlipid. It is a technical nutritional blog that is highly regarded, especially in the low-carb community. I’ve always felt there was something worth learning, but it was beyond my comprehension … [continue reading]

Biological Age Testing and Stacking Stressors

After having used a 90% pesco-vegan diet to hack my lipid levels to optimal and sun/supplementation to double my Vitamin D levels in 2-months, I’ve been looking for my next health test, so I had to listen to the interview … [continue reading]

PUFA is Still the Common Enemy in Nutrition

It has been 4 years since I did my 3-part series on the problem with PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fats) that kicked off with¬†The Common Enemy in Nutrition. Although I have altered my opinion on many things related to health … [continue reading]

Notes For the Survival of the Smartest Lecture by Diana Schwarzbein

Thanks to a comment by Diana, I was tipped off to the July 2014¬†Survival of the Smartest lecture (p1, p2). It fits in with the discussion on why Intermittent Fasting can feel good in the … [continue reading]

Dances With Carbohydrates

The hot topic on Paleo blogs these days is “the return to carbohydrates”. There is a slow but growing trend of those following a Paleo diet to abandon the low-carb approach to one with moderate carb intake. Although … [continue reading]