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The News is Making You Sick

I don’t discuss politics or the latest outrage on this blog. I figured out many years ago that it was a pointless endeavor that would provide no value. My focus here has primarily been on increasing one’s health. Based on … [continue reading]

Nutrition is the New Politics

After the 2004 election I became post-political. I’ll discuss it in depth in a future post, but in short it means that I’ve withdrawn my interest in supporting a system where we are mobilized to vote for the lesser … [continue reading]

Fixing Politics #1 – The Voter

I never talk about politics on this blog. I consider myself post-political. One day I’ll talk more about that. Not today though. Instead of complaining about the system, I’m here to offer my solutions.

Today’s episode is The Voter. … [continue reading]

Physician Heal Thyself

After Obama nominated a tax cheat to run the United States Treasury, who could have imagined that we’d get a more ironic nomination. The new Surgeon General is Regina Benjamin and her prime health mission is tackling obesity. She is … [continue reading]

Good Calories, Bad Calories is the Best Book Ever Written on Nutrition

** 2016 UPDATE: I was SO WRONG about this book. Taubes is a fraud. See the critical review here. ***

Remember that Top 5 Diet Books post I wrote back in July? All those books can take a HUGE … [continue reading]

Healthcare and Price Discovery

Today I had a prescription filled. It costs me $50. When the pharmacist counseled me on the medication, he asked how much I paid. When he heard $50, he walked me out to one of the aisles and showed me … [continue reading]