In December 2008, I did a post titled No Jacket Required. It detailed my experiment with cold weather exposure. At the end of that winter I shared my results in the post Still No Jacket Required. Since I didn’t post about it this past winter, you might be wondering if it was a one time test. Nope. I did it again.

When I returned from the heat of Thailand back to Seattle in December, the temperature was in the 20s for a few days. During that week, I wore either a long sleeve shirt or a sweater. Then it seemed like we didn’t really have a winter. Very few days were in the 30s. There were mostly days in the 40s. As a result, I didn’t wear a coat once last winter. I almost always wore short-sleeved shirts. The adaptation that I went through last winter carried over.

A kindred spirit! Photo Winter Party by Watt Dabney

At an art walk recently, someone remembered my test from the previous winter and then noticed that I was the only person in shorts that wasn’t the slightly bit cold. He inquired how to develop this skill. Here are the two tips I shared with him.

  1. Wear Fewer Layers – This is the best strategy to pursue during colder weather. The discomfort goes away quickly, especially if you are moving. The body learns how to be comfortable at a wider range of temperatures.
  2. Cold Water Rinse – At the end of every shower, do a cold water rinse. Aim the cold water at your shoulder blades, legs and arms. It doesn’t have to be ice cold. Work up to it. When I started with 30 seconds of moderately cold water, it really shocked my system. Now I can yawn through 3 minutes of an ice cold water rinse. This strategy is perfect for the summer and is probably the reason my first winter adaption carried over.

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