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Escaping PUFA Hibernation

FireInABottle recently put out another outstanding post about the metabolic destruction that industrialized seed oil has inflicted upon the world.

Humans and Hibernating Mammals React to The Same Amount of Dietary Linoleic Acid in the Same Way. By Becoming Torpid.[continue reading]

Constrained Total Energy Expenditure and Metabolic Adaptation Part 2

Last month, I postedĀ Constrained Total Energy Expenditure and Metabolic Adaptation, which is an overview of the research of Dr. Herman Pontzer. In short, his work makes the case that we adapt metabolically to higher levels of exercise by … [continue reading]

Constrained Total Energy Expenditure and Metabolic Adaptation

I just heard a fascinating podcast interview about energy expenditure. It connects the dots on many things that I have felt, but could not prove. If you have an hour, listen to Sigma NutritionĀ #208.

SNR #208: Herman Pontzer, PhD

[continue reading]

The Power of 10,000 Steps a Day in Charts

You have probably heard the phrase “10,000 steps a day” numerous times. How important is it to consistently hit 10,000 steps on a daily basis? I wanted to find out, so I really tore through the data captured by my … [continue reading]

Directionally Accurate and Metabolic Unicorns

One of the guiding principles I have used for many years is paying attention to what is becoming more or less popular as a way to measure how true it might be. Health and fitness trends come and go. The … [continue reading]

A “Sitting is the New Smoking” Skeptic Spends a Year in California

For a few years we’ve been hit over the head with health stories that equate sitting as being as unhealthy as smoking. And I’ve been a disbelieving skeptic. My thinking was that efficient exercise that targeted fast twitch muscle fibers … [continue reading]