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The Return of Cold Showers

Several years ago on this blog, I posted a little bit about cold showers. It was one of many health experiments that caught my attention. My interest was building resiliency, strengthening the immune system, and possibly fat loss. Over … [continue reading]

Gluten / Wheat – The Final Chapter

About a year ago I began eating wheat on a regular basis. Not daily. Maybe 1-3 times a week. Fortunately for me I didn’t experience any issues. This is great because if we go back to 2009, I was experiencing … [continue reading]

No Soy Friolento

Today I learned a wonderful word. From 10 Spanish Words That Have No English Translation:

 7. Friolento/Friolero

Someone who is very sensitive to cold.

Él es muy friolento y siempre pide que apaguen el ventilador. Since the cold affects

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How I Reintroduced Alcohol

I was just asked how I reintroduced alcohol after a multi-year absence. Prior to giving up alcohol completely, I liked going to brew pubs and trying out the sampler trays. It wasn’t something I did often. Maybe 1-2 times a … [continue reading]

Wheat Resiliency

I wanted to respond to a comment on my post Peanuts and Resiliency from Terance.

Do you think that the resiliency/fragility argument can be applied to wheat products as well? I seem to be much less tolerant to gluten since

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Peanuts and Resiliency

This is going to be a quick post about a story that just came out. From the article Shielding kids from peanuts might cause peanut allergies:

Children are much less likely to develop peanut allergies if they are frequently

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