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More Protein and the Fasting Backlash

The latest trend I’ve been following with interest is the push for higher protein levels and the growing rejection of intermittent fasting. The lead character in this chapter on nutrition is Dr. Peter Attia, who just published a longevity book … [continue reading]

Fat Loss Cheatsheet: What Works and What Doesn’t (for me)

Now that I have enough experience with gaining and losing a few pounds over the years, I wanted to assemble all the ideas that have worked and those that haven’t. This list is my experience, which may or may not … [continue reading]

Fasting Mimicking Diet Overview

One aspect of nutrition that I’m drawn to is the concept of cycling between two different strategies to yield better results than following just one strategy. This post is about benefits to cycling protein.

High Protein or Low Protein?

Although … [continue reading]

More Thoughts on High Volume or High Protein For Fat Loss

This is a continuation of my last post High Volume or High Protein Foods For Fat Loss, which made the case that high protein becomes a better strategy for fat loss than high volume as one gets leaner. If … [continue reading]

Intermittent Fasting – Finding a New Middle Ground

Last week I went back and revisited all my old posts on Intermittent Fasting. Because of the concerns, I discussed in Irresponsible Health Blogging, a few posts were edited and a few were deleted. I also completely rewrote my … [continue reading]

Notes For the Survival of the Smartest Lecture by Diana Schwarzbein

Thanks to a comment by Diana, I was tipped off to the July 2014 Survival of the Smartest lecture (p1, p2). It fits in with the discussion on why Intermittent Fasting can feel good in the … [continue reading]