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Forgetting What Type of Investor I Was

A few people have asked me why I stopped posting on finance. Until this week I didn’t really have a complete answer. Now I think it was because I forgot what type of investor I was. When I forgot, I … [continue reading]

Reviewing My 2009 Financial Predictions

It is time to review my 2009 Financial Predictions. It seems like a million years since I wrote that post.

S&P 500 By the end of 2009 it will hit 633. This estimate is based solely off earnings

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Guest Financial Predictions by Derek Wilson

These are some financial predictions by my pal and former neighbor Derek Wilson. He doesn’t have a blog and asked that I put his picks on the record. My posting of his picks is not an endorsement. His 10 year … [continue reading]

Eye of the Hurricane

Right now we are in the eye of the hurricane. For weeks we’ve heard economists talk about recovery and green shoots. Nonsense. Note that these economists are the same ones the missed the recession and credit crisis in … [continue reading]

Not As Short As I Used To Be

At the beginning of the year I listed 633 as my 2009 target for the S &P 500. We came close to that last week. My plan all along has been to lighten up on my short positions as I … [continue reading]

Santa Claus Rally – Hope You Got Out

From Christmas through the New Years, I told several people who stayed fully invested in the stock market that they received a holiday gift. That gift was the Santa Claus Rally. It was a wonderful chance to exit long … [continue reading]